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Nothing a poem by Codey

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I thought of saying it was one of your better poems...

but that would be a lie. Technically, I couldn't find any spelling mistakes, or words that seemed out of place, so from that point of view it was very well executed. However, it just didn't seem to have the emotional impact of your other work.

Perhaps you can go back and work on it some more? Let us know when you have a revised version ready....

Graeme :-D

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As James noted, it isn't wordy.

What does it say about reviewers that we all used more words than Codey to comment?

Would a blank review be a pan of it or agreement? I guess it'd be "anything" and open to interpretation.

Therefore, let me say:



-- I wish I could've said that in the negative about some things I've read that had more words and less talent.

-- Wait, now I'm confused, you can't have a negative zero or a negative null.


Edited to Add:

That would sure be an easy edit, wouldn't it? How does one edit such a terse, pithy poem? :grins: I mean, you can't subtract anything, and it would be tough to know what to add....

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