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A Dream Come True

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This is the final story in a series of five. They all center around one thing. Don't know (or should say don't remember) if I mentioned it earlier. If I didn't mention it, guess what all five have in common.

Hope you enjoy them and would appreciate any comments or feedback, as always.

Just so you don't get confused, in order of posting, the stories are: Work Ethic, Cetting Educated, Fond Memory, Patience/Impatience and A Dream Come True --SK

A Dream Come True

By Steven Keiths

Enrique held a package of hot dog buns over his head, trying to keep the rain off his face. Tongs in one hand, the buns in the other, he stood patiently beside his cart as the downpour soaked all but his head. Five men, Wall Street types wearing their trademark business suits, were huddled beneath the umbrella. Their dark suits were in sharp contrast to the bright orange and yellow stripes of the umbrella, or the shiny chrome of his new hot dog cart. They chatted with each other, noshing on their ketchup and mustard slathered hot dogs, oblivious to the rain, oblivious to Enrique getting soaked. Enrique didn?t mind?he even smiled. These were his first customers. Enrique had been putting his savings away for this very moment since he was 15 years-old. That was seven long years ago. He had just made his first ten- dollar sale.

He was now an entrepreneur.

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If the order of posting is meant to stand when these are ultimately lashed together by Steven, then what precedes this final glimpse does expand upon the last sentence, and in a way that evokes (for me) both great sadness and a sense of completion. A most compelling series, Steven.

James Merkin

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James, I didn't post these in the order I wrote them. They are stand alone vignettes, I guess you'd call them. I took one thing, in this case, a hot dog stand and wrote five separate pieces having to do with a hot dog stand. I've never thought about tying them altogether. I was thinking about when I lived in NYC and how much I liked the hot dogs from the carts on Wall Street. I think at the time you could get 4 or 5 for a buck. Something told me (that small strange voice) to write these. Just a fun endeavor really.

I do think Cole's suggestion has merit. After all, it is the kicker for this paricular piece.

Thanks to both of you for your comments.

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