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Something else to worry about

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I'm not really concerned about swine flu due to my age, but I do worry. Here's my latest concern.

3 years ago, by the Chinese calendar, it was the year of the cow, and we had Mad Cow disease.

2 years ago, the Chinese calendar celebrated the year of the bird, and we fought the Avian flu.

This year, by the Chinese calendar year, it's the year of the pig. What do we have? The swine flu.

Next year is the year of the cock.

Is anybody else worried?

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Be Warned - not suitable for audiences of delicate constitution...

Cock Flu.

For the pedants, the chinese name years in a rotation of twelve animal names:













2009 is the year of the ox. (Or, cow?)

Next year will the the year of the Tiger.

And there is no year of the bird except the rooster, but I assume we need that one to be the cock...

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One of my favorite gags was a cartoon drawn by a friend of mine, almost identical to the photo above. Only it's a guy with a 10-foot tall Woody Woodpecker (the famous 1950s cartoon character).

The caption is, "look at the size of that guy's Pecker!"

Aaaaaa... you had to be there.

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