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Rescue in the Dark


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Holidays coming, time to hit the malls...

Rescue in the Dark

by Merkin

?I?ll get us out of this,? Jeremy said. Sam gripped Jeremy?s shoulders tighter.

?Jesus, Jere, it?s pitch dark in here with the power out.? Sam walked into Jeremy?s backside. ?Oof. Sorry.? Sam was close to panic.

?Relax, Sam. You?re safe with me. I know this mall like the back of my hand.?

?I guess you do, don?t you? Where are we now??

?Just at the escalator.?

Slowly they felt their way downward. Suddenly Jeremy stopped.


In the darkness ahead they heard soft sobbing.

?Someone?s lying on the escalator.? said Jeremy. Carefully he worked alongside a small form.

?Can I help? ?

A small voice said ?I fell down.?

?Are you hurt??

?I?m scared. Who are you??

?I?m Jeremy, and this is Sam.? Jeremy realized this was a young boy. ?Can you get up??

The boy slowly got to his feet. ?I have to find my mom?

Where is she??

?I was meeting her at the food court. Then the lights went out and I fell.?

?What?s your name?? asked Jeremy.


?OK, Arthur, you?re safe now with us.?

The boy sniffled and grabbed Jeremy?s arm. They made their way onto the main floor of the dark mall, Jeremy guiding as he confidently moved forward.

?There?s mom!? the boy cried, while simultaneously Sam shouted ?The lights are on!?

?Oh, sweetie, I was so worried!? the woman rushed toward them and hugged the boy. ?How did you get back here in the dark??

?Jeremy did it,? sobbed Arthur. ?He found me, and led the way.?

?Thank you so much!? Arthur?s mother exclaimed, turning to Jeremy and putting out her hand. Puzzled, she saw Jeremy was looking over her shoulder.

?He?s blind, ma?am.? said Sam.

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Thank you all very much. When I first tried to write this it was at least three times longer and had a lot of characters and encounters and backstory. After all, what could be more exciting than being trapped in a pitch-dark mall with hundreds of strangers all out to pick your pocket? Flash fiction is an amazing filter for separating wheat from chaff. I'm very glad there's enough story left to please you.


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