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It's all about walls!

James K

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The Chinese built a great one, but it became obsolete when their empire expanded. The Romans built one in the north of England to keep the Scots out. That was the pits! The Americans built one, much criticised, especially by the Europeans, to keep the immigrants out. The British exited Europe, not because of a wall, but they hated those immigrants their American friends wanted to keep out. Not the same immigrants, but the same ideology. They didn't need a wall with Europe because they have the English Channel (which of course, is only called the English Channel by the English. For the French on the otherside it's La Manche, or simply the sea!). Oddly, now all the foreigners have gone they would quite like some to come back. The debate about a wall in Ireland is ongoing, but hopefully won't get physical. Now you might think the rest of Europe, you know, that amalgam of countries led by France and Germany, come out looking pure as snow. They do not. Europe has it's own wall, in those eastern countries with land borders, which it's building to keep out... immigrants! Bloody walls... You build them (there was one in Berlin) then either you knock them down or they fall into disuse. They are put there to keep people out, mostly, in Berlin they wanted to keep people in. A bit like North Korea. These walls kill people, seperate people, cause heartache and anguish, until finally, years later, they become... tourist attractions. And why they were built, and all the lives they destroyed, are forgotten. We do need walls, but only for houses for people to live in, not for countries to keep people in or out!

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