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A Quick Film Review

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To say that I am not altogether impressed with the vast majority of Australian films is probably an understatement.

But every now and again we do make a film that transcends it origins because it dares to be about universal themes without being embarrassingly self-conscious.

If ever a movie deserved an Academy nomination, let alone an award then Mao's Last Dancer certainly qualifies in my mind.

It is so rare to see Australia settings, artists, including The Australian Ballet and The Sydney Dance Theatre, all portraying American cities and theatre companies, with nary a hint of pretence. Superbly directed by Australian, Bruce Beresford, this movie is a truly International film that travels beyond borders.

This is a masterful film that should be seen not only for the acting and dancing, but also for the political and human experiences it depicts so accurately and sensitively.

In one word -inspirational.


(I wonder if 65 is too old to take up ballet?)

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Since I would never go see a movie based on one man's opinion (isn't this 'one man's opinion' the name of a TV show or something...anyway, I digress) so I did a quick check of the IMDB and found this nice writeup, which makes me want to go see this movie even more. IMDB comment

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