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codeyspen - best wishes

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Everyone, please keep codeyspen in your thoughts, as he goes in for knee surgery this weekend, followed by therapy for the new knee. It's more complicated by other factors, so he could use some prayers and best wishes for healing.

codeyspen, you're a good guy, don't let anything get you down.

~Blue / Ben W.

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This afternoon, I received news that Codey came through surgery and is doing OK, but sleepy, of course. Please keep him in your thoughts while he's recovering and starts up therapy.

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Get well soon pal. I had a knee done back in the early eighties.

Maybe you can get Champ to help out with the PT. If you gotta do PT, might as well do it with somebody you know and can have a few laughs with. Trust me on this, it'll help. :wink:


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Progress. The new knee's doing well. I hear he's complaining to the nurses and misses his computer access for some reason.

Wishing him the best in OT/PT, hoping for the best possible results.

I bet he's looking forward to hanging around with Champ again.

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Hi everyone and thanks for the good thoughts and wishes. I got back home this morning and I'm doing good. This was by far the easiest one so far. If I've stopped growing or don't grow more than 2 1/2 ", I won't need another replacement. Now that the final (we hope) knee is in I can be fitted for braces to lock my knees so I won't be confined to the chair. Of course that depends on learning the shuffle I'll have to do with a walker and eventually crutches lol. The best thing is I'll be able to see the top of things so there'll be no more hiding things from me on top of the fridge LMAO

My staples come out Monday if I'm healing ok and the Dr says he may let me go back to school on Tuesday If I promise to be careful. Promises are easy to make if you keep your fingers crossed.

Now that my physical needs are taken care of, I'll work on getting rid of these spring blahs and get back to writing soon. I have a few ideas but can't find the initiative to get started.

Thanks again everyone!!


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Good to hear from you again, Codey. I don't know if you want to grow that extra 2 1/2 inches in height or not, but hopefully you'll be in braces and up and about soon.

Best wishes!


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