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Sand Castle

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The answers beg the question;

The question finds no respite.

Why are we here? What purpose do we serve?

We: the great charade, the marchers in a grand


Sometimes we find a grain of truth

And base a castle on the sand;

We build it up, stone by stone,

And hoist the banners to flutter in the wind:

Here’s the parapets of hearts,

The turrets of the jacks;

The queens lounge in wave-washed chapels by

The keep of suicide kings.

But when the spilling currents

Flood the moat and break the wall,

We see at heart a single grain of crumbled sand—

We know our world is dead.

The answers beg the question;

The question finds no respite.

A vicious circle, a gyring circus,

We: the makers of our cage, the victims of our



Comments please?


P.S. Eh, yes, thanks blue! It's 'parapets,' and not what I had...

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a really good argument for building your dreams and hopes on a solid foundation of facts and logic. Wishful thinking and daydreams can leave you with a handful of wet formless nothing.

I think this is really good!!


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