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A small question about submissions: how do you perfur them?

-plain old email?



It makes a difference. I wouldn't want to CAUSE the editor a file conversion headache.

About the name of the place, how about the Poetry Barn? You bust a rhyme and we'll fix it.

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Guest rusticmonk86

Preferably something simple and plain text.

MS Word is okay, but it's a pain in the ass to convert to HTML.

HTML is good, but make sure your poem is formatted exactly how you want it.

It is not my job to format your poetry for you. Or even spell check them. Please make sure those are done in advance.


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As an editor who's prepped other web pages, I'd second Gabe's opinion: either plain text or standard HTML; i.e., not Word's overwrought idea of HTML conversion, although an MS Word doc, to know how the poet wants it formatted is useful.

I agree that, for poetry, the poet should format and spell check it as he wishes. The editor may ask (and should ask) the poet if something seems off, but that's the difference between the editor's job and the typist's. In particular, a poem may purposelessly use words in an unfamiliar way. The editor risks changing the poet's intended art if he changes it without confirming with the poet. It applies even more to poetry than to prose.


I kinda like James' idea for the name. It sounds like "The Poetry (Home) Depot: You bust a rhyme and we'll fix it." ... You know, a handy man who's a handyman....

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