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The Burden of Being a Prodigy

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This story is looking good so far. I am already a big fan of Bear. 🐻

Alan, don't think you are the only author with a little wish fulfillment in their characterization.

When it comes to writing characters, I tend to write people I've known or composites of people I've known. If you're familiar with The Company or The Summer Job, I've known most of those characters and their backstory.

I didn't do that to be creepy. A lot of those guys didn't survive the eighties/nineties. Much of The Company is the author's wish fulfillment, and in the story, they survive and thrive.

In The Summer Job, the characters illustrated why they acted as they did, and how sometimes people can be perceived as villainous, but are redeemed when you get to know them better, and you get facts instead of rumors.

The Summer Job will be coming here to AD in the new year. I'm not sure what to do with The Company. It's become a 250K+ monster and is a 1 chapter/day near stream of consciousness experiment.


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