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untitled poem

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I haven't written much the last few weeks, so I thought I'd share the first poem I wrote that I thought was good enough to keep. I was eleven at the time and had just read a book about the battle of Gettysburg.



a poem by codey

The drums beat

The bugles roar

An army marches off to war

Countless young men

with unquestioning duty

Leaving countless young women

with blossoming beauty

They march to die

You foolish men

with foolish dreams

Forget your plans

and wasteful schemes

Heed at last this final call

One life

with love

Thats all


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Excellent, Codey.

Prodigy? Yeah... I wasn't kidding. But remember that prodigies are people too. And that's what I like most about Codey. He is a talented poet and one hell of a smart kid, but it is the human side of him that gives him the most value in my book.

He'd be OK with me even if he weren't so talented.


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It's never boring, that's for sure.

He has some special talents that make him surprising. He has some special needs that aggravate him. But what makes him most special is, he's just himself, a regular guy.

You rock, Codey.

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