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Westboro Protest Engulfed by Counter-Protesters

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So, the WBC sent some of their clan to go demonstrate in West Virginia, saying that God smote the coal miners because of gays existing or some such nonsense.

Personally, I think if an omnipotent being wanted to send a message to gays, he would have blown up something a little more gay than a West Virginian coal mine. You know, like a gay bar or Ricky Martin. But hey, what do I know? Maybe the dude's just got really poor aim. Or maybe it's part of a master plan to eliminate coal so that gay dudes get really cold during the winter and suffer from shrinkage. Mysterious Ways, and such.

Anyway, the WBC protesters get drowned out by counter-protesters chanting for peace, love, and John Denver. Well, I'm with 'em most of the way.

Watch the video to get a good look at some of the counter-protest signs: "God Hates Signs", "I Love Everybody", "This Is A Sign", "God Hates Figs", etc. being held in front of the Westboro signs. Also, there's a flash mob line-dancing to a John Denver dance mix.

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