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Foreign Office apologises for Pope 'condom' memo


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From the BBC Website

The Foreign Office (UK) has apologised for a "foolish" document which suggested the Pope's UK visit could be marked by the launch of "Benedict-branded" condoms.

The junior civil servant responsible had been put on other duties, it said.

Called "The ideal visit would see...", the paper suggested the Pope be invited to open an abortion clinic and bless a gay marriage during September's visit.

The Foreign Office stressed the paper, which resulted from a "brainstorm" on the visit, did not reflect its views.

The document was obtained by the Sunday Telegraph.

The UK's ambassador to the Vatican, Francis Campbell, has met senior officials of the Holy See to express regret on behalf of the government.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband is said to have been "appalled" by its contents.


I'm sure David Miliband was, is, and will continue to be appalled; considering an election looms. It's Python-esque, and you can almost hear the junior civil servant snigger as he was writing it. :wav:

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his supporters say he has been the most pro-active pope yet in confronting abuse.

Pro-active? In what way? Turning the other(s') cheek(s)?

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