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How Can I Make It Better?

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How Can I Make It Better?

Lately I think that we?ve all seen more strife, contentiousness and hard feelings than is absolutely necessary. While I don?t know all of the details of what has transpired, I do know that some good people have had their feelings hurt.

While this is always regrettable, when a community reaches a certain critical mass, it?s almost inevitable. It?s just unreasonable to expect hundreds of egos and intellects to walk in lock step. I don?t think that we would want it that way. That would be pretty boring.

This community is a valuable resource and I considers many of you friends. I appreciate and respect all of you; some I even have a genuine affection for. It concerns me when there is stress and conflict. Especially when good people are hurt and it could just as easily have been avoided.

I ask a question that I hope each of us will ask ourselves: How can I make it better? I do not speak for the site or anyone else. I can only answer this question for myself in my own way. This is how I will respond.

I will treat each person here with respect. I don?t care where you are from or how old you are. I value you all and respect your opinions and perspectives. Hell, I?m from Mississippi. I?m not too fancy to listen to anyone! I might even learn something.

I will put principals before personalities. That principal is that we are all valued and respected members of our community, each equal with our own value and worth.

I will do nothing to harm the community. As much as many of us despise Reagen, one of his smartest moves ever was his 11th Commandment: thou shall not speak ill of fellow republicans. There is power in unity and wisdom in learning from our adversary?s tactics.

If I am wrong about something, I will promptly admit it and set it right as best I can. Pride is a good thing but vanity is a nuisance.

I will be civil in all of my discourse and never post in anger.

Perhaps some things have happened that can not be undone. I don?t know but I doubt it. I?m an optimist and believe that people of good will can work things out.

I challenge us all to be those persons of good will. Work things out. We are all worth it.



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