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Hey Dude, I wanna say that I appreciate this site sooooo much. I start coming here around the end of June 2004. The first story I read was Perry & Jesse. I know it's not here anymore and I regret that.

I've read a lot of stories here and gain some new friends from this site. I realize that I never even say thank you to you. So, Thank You very much. This site has been where I come to since that June day. Before, I only came to Nifty and Comicality. Comicality...hate to see him going.

I notice your new look :D It looks good. Is that really your desk? I hope you all the best Dude. I will always come here because I know you'll always be here and I really2x appreciate you being here with all these great stories.

With kindest and warmest regards from


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Thanks for your kind words, Rad. And I am so happy to hear from you again... post-tsunami. It is good to know that you are alright.

As Codey pointed out... you can read Perry and Jesse by connecting to it's link on the Best of Nifty page available here.

Thanks again and I hope you'll stay with us for a long time.

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