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The Neighborhood

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While strolling in the neighborhood, I see

my neighbors going by, some with dogs and

some with cats and some with faces

smiling and I see some people walking

with their heads here there and nodding as their

words come flowing like an empty wind

that catches leaves and brings them to my face,

and I am smiling over hollow flames while

someone screams and breaks the walls

but they?re really singing to themselves,

and in a corner she knits a noose

he cleans his father?s gun, but maybe it?s just

me seeing things that don?t exist

and yes of course I need new contacts, I do

agree with God knows what?

my face is hurting from my smiling

and glass is piercing my bare feet as

I laugh along with all their jokes and

make the movements of their hate and

loves and passions and cruel things

that are our precious masquerades over

things that they all know and I too know

and we all know

but they are smiling and I am smiling,

and masks are real things after all and

I do agree, agree with God knows what.


Alone in my room,

I will face my enemy

In the looking glass.


Please comment constructively so I can either polish this before sending it to our favorite poetry editor or relay it to the recycling bin.


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