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Are you OK?


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Dear Mike,

Are you OK? I've emailed you twice and although my story was updated in a timely manner, I'd like to hear that you're settling into your new life and that you're doing fine, or even that you're not. We all love you and you've come to mean a lot to us, and I know that we'd all like to know how you're doing. You don't need to say much. I know how bushy things must be. A simple 'I'm getting there' would suffice.

Thanks - Steve

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Steve et al,

I'm OK but super busy adapting to family life, living with my son and his family.

It has been an interesting transition, which I promise to discuss at some point.  

With two teenagers in the house, I find I have to do my AD work while they are away at school or in the middle of the night.  Sometimes both.

I'm still working on answering to the name Grandpa, however.😝

Steve, I have received no emails from you recently, so I wonder where they are going.  My email address is still dude@awesomedude.com and my alternate gmail account is still working, as well.

Thanks for the emails of concern to all of you.  Other than battling my eyesight problem, I am alive and well.



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On 3/1/2022 at 10:25 AM, dude said:

Steve, I have received no emails from you recently, so I wonder where they are going. 

Mike, I sent a rather lengthy email to your AD email address on Feb 10 - well, the lengthy part is nothing new for me - but I did get my bcc back, so I’m curious if there’s a problem with your ISP in your new location. Some will block yahoo domain names because of the ease of using them for spam. I too have a Gmail account I could use if that turns out to be the problem.

BTW, what I wrote was to offer my help for anything that wasn’t time sensitive. I mentioned helping to add code for dark mode to style sheets as an example, as I’ve done recently for mine. I discovered that BBB appeared as white text on a white background when viewed in dark mode with the popular Noir extension installed. Now, all my pages are both readable and aesthetically pleasing in both light and dark mode. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, Dark mode is a setting for a preference for light text on a dark background. Apple hyped it a couple years ago on the Mac and then the iPhone, but I think it came out on Android first. Noir is one of several extensions that add dark mode features to web pages that lack them, sometimes with disastrous results. In any case, it has been a lifesaver for me with my migraines.

 I also mentioned my working on a complete rewrite of my first story, Love in a Chair, but don’t hold your breath on that one. I wrote the original story nearly two decades ago for Nifty and, yeah, it’s pretty bad, but the premise was a good one. It’s a story that’s worth rewriting, but very little of the original text is salvageable.

Glad to hear you’re well and setting into family life. I suspect that life with real teens is quite different from the imaginary teens we often write about.


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