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Editor wanted - gay boys and animal rights

Biff Spork

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I have written about 65,000 words of a story very close to my heart. Probably every author feels that about his current book, his baby, but my earlier efforts at writing have been more superficial than this. I expect to conclude it in about twenty thousand words during the next couple of months.  I already have input from two excellent readers/editors, so why am I asking for another editor? As I wrote, the story is particularly close to my heart. In addition it has more characters and more sub-plots than my earlier stories and I want to be sure that the logic and logistics of them all are consistent before I conclude the story and put it out there for the reading public.

 The story is set in contemporary North America and deals with a half dozen boys in various relationships with each other, some almost mystical and others bluntly sexual. These relationships evolve in the context of the climate crisis, the covid pandemic, veganism and animal rights, with a dash of the supernatural in the mix. Sometimes I think of it as a mixture of The Jungle Book, The Silent Spring, The New Testament and The Wild Boys rendered in a style that reaches toward Steven King and Ernest Hemingway. The result is prosaic, I'm sure, but it's original and different. It has touching moments and passages that should be amusing. And though it may not achieve it's aims fully, they are high.
 I seek editorial assistance of every kind. If you like to look at every sentence, every word, every comma, I welcome your help. If you prefer to look at the bigger picture, underlying structures and relationships, I look forward your suggestions. If you just want to read something original and make a few comments, I'll be happy to send you what I've written so far.
 I generally compose in LibreOffice Writer. It produces .odt files. They can be read by Microsoft Word. If you have another preferred format, let me know and I'll try to provide the text in that format.

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