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hi hi all

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heya all

i'm new to this site and forum \o/

am curious though, i'm trying to create a game and trying to find a place to post me 'look for writers' post on here so where should i post it?

anyways, who's the dj for the radio? hehehe he sounded cute :icon_geek:

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would like to say sorry to the mods n everyone for earlier ad posts. it was rather harsh and too desperate hehe..

well hope to know more about the pple here and vise versa before i attempt it again! cheers!!!

Just to introduce meself i'm macxell and currently i'm trying to create a story oriented role playing games for the mobile. it is an independent game project. I was rather frustrated that until this day and age we so seldom see games where gay characters are the main heroes and to tell a good story with gay romances in it. mostly what people try to assert (if ever) are comedic gay characters. I don't really mind funny gay characters but lack of main focus on a gay hero bothers me. hence i wanted to create such games :D

currently internet & books are the only ones with the most success in pushing gay medium to the masses. tv/movies just so so if it's not showing most things near soft porn. BBC's Beautiful People is one of me fav due to it being more on characters' growing up instead of showing off skin and attempt at gay sex scene all the time. I do think that if we take out most of Queer as folk sex scene it'll be a more interesting show though it might get hell alot shorter too... lol

cheers, \o/

macxell :icon_geek:

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