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Hello Folks:

After encountering the following problem, which is more with a thread than AD radio itself, I did see that the show is on leave until Labor Day. But what the heck, might as well be ready.

When I tried to access the thread entitled "How to Listen", the standard error message appeared which usually indicates I forgot to sign in--but I was signed in, and even logged out and back in my usual feeble attempt to solve a problem on my own.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

As always, I appreciate any and all assistance. :hehe:


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I, ummmmm, can't seem to find it at the moment...but it's where all the past AD radio shows are listed...I'll keep looking after work today.

Sorry. I hope someday that linking will be second-nature.


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OMG...If I just saw notice of the AD Radio Show #25 then it wouldn't be on hiatus...

'til Labor day...which can only mean I forgot to look at the date of the post again?

Because I still can't find the one I was trying to click--and I'm almost afraid to ask

what happens to posts when they get old, but seems logical they'd have to close sometime.


Can I withdraw the question?


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You make it sound so simple, which of course, it is.

For the life of me, I couldn't find that thread again...it looked so tempting ,

:confused: "How to Listen" :lol:

Thank you Camy, sometimes it is best just to jump on in.

I'll start with the one that has YOU on it!!!!


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