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Censorship by Nation

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Australia = refused classification.


USA -the censor fainted.

Sweden - compulsory reading for 5 year olds.

Canada? Happened elsewhere so it doesn't matter.

Add your thoughts on the world's censorship.. :devlish:

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France - We don't care what the content is so long as it's FRENCH! No US imports, here, thank you very much!

Germany - Verboten - until you've filled out this form in triplicate, circulated it for signatures to all relevant government departments, paid the licence fee, waited for the certificate and had it stamped at the local Rathaus. Then you can do what you want!

European Union - have you bribed the minister? And the police? And all the relevant staff in the government department? Then we don't care. Anyway we've worked at least five hours this week - any more and we'll be on overtime.

Monaco - We reckon if you can afford to live here you should be allowed to see what you like. Yes, even that.

Gibraltar - Oh, no, can't possibly allow such filth. We're British, after all, don'cha know?

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