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An Ode to Steven.

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Mark S. King reports here, on the passing of a friend whom he calls 'Steven'.

Steven's story is beyond sad, it is of course tragic.

With deepest respect I was moved By Mark S. King's report to write a poem.

An Ode to Steven.

All death is a tragedy for the living,

When a life has come and gone,

When love seems lost and forlorn,

All we might do with our lives, our loves,

Are not just curtailed, or diminished,

But ended, before their time; before our time,

For there is never a time for death,

When life is full of hope and love and zest.

All life is about the living,

This is how we share our love,

Therefore, never deny life,

Even in those moments of despair,

Even at the moment of its end,

Finding the goodness in being human,

Is to not deny life with fear,

But to honour it even at its passing,

With love, laughter, and a tear.

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