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Warders, Plastic People and Recycing a poem by Codey

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Warders, Plastic People and Recycling

a poem by Codey

Plastic people with plastic thoughts,

awaiting new incarnations.

With baited breath and mouths agape,

they welcome the latest innovations.

The newest must surely be better,

so in with the new and out with the old.

They worship the latest creation,

recycled and squeezed from the mold.

There are those who, in pursuit of power,

seek to become our warders.

They will say whatever we want to hear,

to gain new plastic supporters,

who, in turn, to avoid having to think for themselves,

play a game of follow the leaders.

How can they pull themselves out of the mud

if they're following bottom feeders?

Our warders see things in black or white,

blinded to other colors.

Seeing only the good in their ideas,

and only the bad in others'.

But in this quest, are they forgetting,

that, at the end of the day,

there's no such thing as pure black or white,

there are only shades of gray?

Our warders may be polar opposites,

advocates and adversaries,

and in their quest for personal power,

say and do what they feel is necessary.

They think their ideas and thoughts,

will solve the problems of all mankind.

No matter how twisted the solution

or the problem so undefined

Are all the ideas they espouse,

really totally new,

or are they merely recycled

emerging in a different hue?

Aren't they the same old problems,

recycled in new variations?

And aren't they the same old answers,

recycled in new combinations?

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Another great poem, Codey!

During the first stanza, I initially thought of all my technophile friends who have to have the latest and greatest, but later on I was thinking of politics, politicians and how people vote. There are so many who blindly follow, without really thinking.

Well done!


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"Oh, Brave New World, that hath such creatures in it!"

-- Shakespeare, quoted by John Saxon, in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

Rereading your poem, I was struck by the resemblance to that book.

Mass-produced goods and ideas, conformism, the refusal and denial of other opinions, these are the blessings and dangers of our times. Whether we can all come to agreement on some basics or fall apart into anarchy ... or simply stagnate in bland sameness is the big question.

I know which choices I vote for.

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