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The Scrolls of Icaria - Update and Thanks

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I am avidly devouring this story, and loving it. :)

FWIW, I am noting any typos and spelling errors as I go along, so if there is some way I can get this information back to you, let me know.

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Is there some kind of etiquette thing here? I'm not 'proof reading', I'm reading. Some of these spelling and typing errors just jump right out at me, and I figured sending them to whoever can make changes is a benefit to everyone.

I'm not particularly aware of social niceties but the years have made me alert to some things. Your comment seems to imply some kind of social hierarchy and status to being a proof-reader, which I cannot see, but maybe it's there. In that case, the logical person to receive that information is whoever is assigned to it, and from what you say, that's you. On the other hand, the story is already in 'print' so I don't know why you are waiting for someone to send you something. Then again, we might be talking about different stories. I'm talking about TSOI.

Not offended, but definitely puzzled.

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Trab wrote:

FWIW, I am noting any typos and spelling errors as I go along, so if there is some way I can get this information back to you, let me know.

Please send these to me. But If they fall in the catgory already mentioned by the author below (Chapters 1 & 2), don't bother as they will be edited and reposted.

Jamie wrote:

There will be one change to Book 1. AJ came on board with Chapter 3, so the first two chapters were never properly edited. I recently reviewed them myself and did some cutting and changing. When Book 1 is complete I'll have him use his editors pen to do his magic and we'll repost them.

I would suggest you write directly the author (Jamie) or his editor(AJ) if you think you can do a better job with the story. It would be hard, -in my estimation- as this is one of the best author-editor teams on the web.

You seem to have a lot of time on your hands in retirement, Trab, why don't you try to produce (and edit) your own story.

Generally speaking... this has been a very positive thread and I am disappointed that it is now headed downhill with the squabbling of two wannabe proofreaders. :(

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Different authors have different approaches to proofreading. I believe most (but not necessarily all) of the authors here at AwesomeDude will be happy to receive feedback on posted chapters that includes possible proofing errors. If you read Jamie's essay titled Criticism: A Primer for Writers (accessible from the Essays link on the home page), you will find he won't mind receiving your comments.


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Mmy apologies if I've offended you, that wasn't my intention. I've been reading TSOI myself, I'm even on my second time thru, picking up things I missed the first time.

As an Editor, of sorts, I've noticed probably the same things you have. After each new chapter, I take the time to email Jamie my thoughts on the chapter, good and bad. Sometimes it's a short one and sometimes it's a long one and he replies back to me. We've had some nice discussions. He takes the time to answer any questions I have without revealing anything, which I never expect an author to that. Out of all the Authors I've written to, he gets back to me the quickest.

Just recently, I offered my services to Jamie as a proofreader to catch those words that don't fit or slipped past AJ. My offer was accepted by Jamie and I'm just waiting to be sent a chapter to do. I've even talked to AJ about this.


It wasn't my intention to start something. Call it a BAD joke on my part. And your right, Jamie and AJ do make a good team. And they both will tell you things will slip by them. I know, they've both told just that.


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Hey Jan--I don't think it was ever really clarified (at least to me) where your role would enter the process. I was assuming that Jamie would be sending you chapters just before they were posted for a going over...am I supposed to be sending you the final edits before I send them to Jamie? It is absolutely not my intention to cut you out of the process...as I said before, if it helps to improve the work, let's do it.

Yo Trab--I'm always interested in seeing things that have slipped by me, so if you want to send me a note with the problems that you find, I would be grateful. A lot of times, there is a pattern of typos or bad spelling that, if I can identify, makes correction a lot easier. I love that you're reading the work intensively enough to catch these problems, and don't mind taking the time to point them out.



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Dude, don't worry about it. The thread is not going downhill, and we're not squabbling. I love reading all the different works and at times I just notice small little errors, usually typos. I wouldn't presume to say I can write effectively enough to edit, much less do my own story. But I like to help out if I can do so without offense, and that's really all my offer was.

Just so that I'm clear on this: anything in the nature of typos in TSOI goes to AJ, right?

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Thank-you Jamie, for clarifying, and even moreso for a great story.


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Book of James 2:3 Verily I say unto thee, let those amoung you without typos cast the very first bottle of white-out.

4:10 Thrice blessed is he that brings his own bottle.

5:4-5 It is best not to be prideful and to turn the other cheek. If that doesn't work, kick his f&^*ing ass!

7:11 Be generous with your praise, constructive in you criticism and if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

10:1 Always be nice and respectful to the keeper and maker of the cookies.

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Oh my Chapter 48 has certianly raised the stakes.

12 Icarians is interesting. Legions and legions of armed Icarians is a mortal threat to all the kingdoms- espically if the Icarians are lead by Loren.

TSOI is getting hot!

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I've been following this story for about six months now, and started to read it...goodness, either right 'The Gathering' ended, or during the middle section.

TSOI has become one of those stories that I look forward to reading the newest chapter, or even going back and re-reading the entire work just so that I can enjoy once again the style, characters and plot that you've created. It is a world in which there are real characters, people who you could meet and interact with, not just a bunch of archetypes or stereotypes. Because of that fact, the characters pop out of the page and become more lifelike, and we celebrate the victories, just as we mourn the losses.

I look forward to the remainder of the 'Interludes', and will be waiting to pick up the second part/book/section of TSOI. Speaking of the title...have we even seen any of the scrolls yet?

Incredible, incredible work - major major kudos to both the author and the editor - together you make a great, great team.


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"Speaking of the title...have we even seen any of the scrolls yet? "

Funny you should ask that. I had always considered the book we are reading as being the first Scroll.

I'm looking forward to the answer to your question. :)

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Here?s how I look at the issues of ?scrolls? that you bring up. When I first envisioned writing this story the mental image I gave myself was as follows:

I set up my mental construct based on the assumption that many years have passed since the time of the original story. In the far distant future, Jamie returning from one of his long voyages visits one of the scholarly academies of Icaria. While there, a young scholar doing research on the formation of Icaria and it's history cautiously approaches him. Although slightly fearful and not wanting to appear bold and forward, the young Icarian nevertheless asks Jamie with some trepidation to tell him some of the facts from the wizard?s point of view. He also asks about some of the famous heroes of that era, along with some of the villains and questions what really happened so long ago. At the end of their brief encounter, the young Icarian gathers up his courage and suggests to the legendary wizard that he should tell the story in his own words ? thus setting the record straight and separating reality from the myths and legends that have grown up surrounding those early formative years.

Jamie returns to his palace and thinks on the young Icarian?s words for quite some time. A few weeks go by and the young scholar receives a summons to the wizard?s palace. When he arrives he is ushered into a private study ? a small space, candle lit, that is quiet and reflective. The room is filled with books, art, interesting objects and personal mementos. He can?t help notice a sword lying on one of the shelves ? it markings indicating it once belonged to Duet Lizard the legendary ?first duet? of the original gladiatorial pairs. He sees a child?s ball carefully preserved under a small domed jar and can?t help but wonder if the legend of King Niklas retrieving the ball for a young Jamie really is true. On another shelf is a small gold and silver flute ? could it be the famous Marzotti flute, Barsetba had in his possession when he first met the Icarians? Forgetting where he is he reaches out to touch a miniature portrait of an old knight with one eye and jumps when Jamie tells him that yes, it is miniature of his dear friend Brotus. Looking to the center of the room he sees a table upon which are piled stacks of parchment, a few bottles of ink and a sheaf of fresh quills. Jamie tells the young Icarian to sit and that while he can?t tell him the full story of Icaria from every perspective, he will tell the young angel his personal story through his eyes. Amazed over this, the young Icarian is paralyzed, but Jamie ushers him to the table, makes him sit, and hands him a quill. Moving to a comfortable low rising chair, the great wizard sits back and begins to reminisce. Occasionally he is interrupted by the young scholar asking a question or seeking clarification on a point, but for the most part Jamie talks and the younger man writes. Weeks pass and the process continues as the Icarian scholar fills parchment after parchment ? creating The Scrolls of Icaria.

Does that answer you question?

Think of them as a great bundle of reminisces, filling hundreds of parchments, rolled up into scrolls that eventually get catalogued and make their way to the great Library of Donas at Eagles Rock.

As I write this Bronze (of interlude 4) is in it's first edit. Silver is being composed by the author and Gold is finished and also in first edit.


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Thank you for that Jamie. Even your answer is a sweet little story unto itself. :)

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Yes, I agree - and thank you for that little vingette. It was really sweet, and shows Jamie 'post-story' - which is a really nice idea. David Eddings used it to great effect in "Belgareth the Sorcerer" and "Polgara the Soceress", both published post-Mallorean cycle. Thank you!

And...very excited to see new interludes coming from you. I might just have to go re-read the while thing just to get myself in the mood for more.



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If you do have the time to re-read the story, that's good. Back in the summer, when I went home to visit family and friends, every morning I would go outside and spend about 2 hours reading. You might be surprised at some of the things I run across that I either missed or forgot about.

I currently have 1 3 inch note book full and have also started a second one. I'll probably shift things around a bit and start a 3rd on when Book 2 comes out.

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TalonRider, you keep notes on stories you read? And I thought I was bad, putting circles around spelling errors. :shock:

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What's that you say? The South of France? Hmmm...didn't I have a speedo somewhere around here? I guess i better look for the Atkins diet book while I look for the swimsuit, too.

So, I just sent the final edits of Silver and Gold, the interludes, to Jamie. They will be posted next weekend, and that will be that for book one. It's been a year and a few months that I've been filling the role of sidekick in this venture, and it's been quite a learning experience. I'd like to say thanks to all of you for your kind words and acknowledgements, but Jamie is the star of this show--from his fertile and fevered imaginings come the winged boys and all the world that they live in...such world building is beyond my humble powers of imagination, I have to admit. But, I do make a hell of a good fan, and I have a twisted love of workshopping other people's work with them, so it all works out rather well.

As to the progression of the story itself...remember when you went to see the The Nutcracker, and they started off with a rather long symphonic overture, and then finally the curtain rose and the story got under way? Well, we've just reached the end of the overture, and the curtain is about to go up. Lucky for you, these theater seats come with seatbelts, 'cause you're gonna need 'em. So buckle up, hang on and get ready for a ride...



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