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The Scrolls of Icaria - Update and Thanks

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I have always been an avid fan of Fantasy and Sci Fi. And this story has really impressed me. Thank you Jamie, for all your hard work. I can tell just by reading it that this story means a great deal to you. The way you have made the characters seem so real, and made me care about them. I am really looking foward to seeing what happens next.

I just discovered this story a couple days ago actually, and I went on one of my famous reading binges. Something my partner just loves to tease me about. :)

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Welcome, Scotty!

Don't forget to check out Jamie's two short stories while you're here. Both are excellent though very different.

Graeme :D

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So...spoiler warning.

I am worried about Jamie - he doesn't seem stable...hasn't seemed stable for a while now, and this just adds fuel to the fire...I hope that Nic's love for him, and his love for Nic can stand the trials that are about to face both of them.


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You have no idea, constantine. And his trials have only just started...but Jamie is a tough little bugger, and I have a feeling he'll come out of it ok.



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Welcome, Scotty. It's good to hear you're enjoying TSOI. Check out Jamie's other work too. Heck, there's plenty more to read from some fine authors.

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Yay! First chapter of the new book is out! :p

I read it a few days ago but didn't get myself to post something, until now. Lazy me.

So a new part of the story begins. Promising so far. There were also a few minor surprises. I thought the musician (Don't remember his name a the moment. Sadly I'm not a names person.) was the spy, but apperantly it was the chief of household at the amber palace.

Who exactly the musician reports to is still a mystery to be solved. :-)

You really got me hooked again, Jamie. As always with these greedy readers, I can't wait for more. ;)



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Chapter two comes out this weekend, and we'll be posting every other weekend--thank god, because the weekly schedule of last year was a killer.

Both J and I have used our hiatus well, and have a number of chapters for the new volume written and edited, and are forging ahead, trying to maintain a 'cushion' of completed chapters ready for posting before their due date. I am currently working on the second edit of chapter 7, and halfway through the first edit of 8.

The story goes on, and I think you'll be pleased with the results of Jamie's hard work.



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Great chapter!

If there weren't enough obstacles in front of Nic and Jamie, now the clock is ticking!

GREAT FUN and Well Done to Jamie and editors for TSOI!


:geek: :cat:

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