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Same sex adoption bill passes first hurdle


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Adoption laws are a state responsibility here in Australia. NSW today voted on a private member's bill to allow same-sex couple to adopt.

The bill has passed the lower house and will now go to the upper house for a debate and vote there.

Normally, politicians are expected to vote the party line. In this case, they're allowed what's called a conscience vote -- that is, they get to vote however they want without worrying about the party telling them what to do.

Interestingly, the leaders of both major parties supported the bill. The article quotes the Premier (Labor party) as saying:

Ms Keneally said she had consulted her conscience and would support adoption by same-sex couples.

"When I look at this issue about the adoption of children who are vulnerable, children who would know no other love and acceptance, and I see people offering up that unselfish love to a child - it is something that I, not just as a Christian and a Catholic, but as the leader of this state want to be able to support."

Also at the Sydney Morning Herald website there's a poll for readers on the same topic. With over 8500 votes so far, it shows 70% in favour of allowing same-sex adoption. Of course, only those who are passionate on the subject will vote, but it shows that out of those who are passionate, the vast majority are in favour.

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Graeme, that is wonderful news. Here in the USA, it's also a state responsibility, and I'm thankful that the state of New Mexico allows me as a gay man to foster and/or adopt children. It's good to hear that your country is looking at the welfare of the kids versus what they do in our country, and that is stick to political lines (we don't have a formalized "conscience vote.").


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