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Weekend Show #30!


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I am so glad the Awesome Dude Weekend Show has returned, though naturally saddened that its return from summer break, as always, heralds the wane of the warmer months.

But! that we had the privilege of hearing from Cole Parker has cheered me up immensely. Nay, it has retired my SAD blue light to the cupboard (I was going to say closet, but NEVER!) for an extra month at least.

It's great to be able to put a voice to a name, and Cole's voice fitted my mental image pretty much to a T.

Anyway, thanks to the Dude, and to Azy and Des for their marvellous segues! Forearms indeed! ;)

I can't wait to hear who is interviewed next.


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I agree it was great to hear show #30 with Cole Parker. What a guy, so generous with his comments.

Thanks, Camy, for the kind words about our forearms too.

I guess I need to get the audio gear out and do some recording. If only I had more time. :hehe:

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