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A Long List of Nevers

Bruin Fisher

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What a treat to read a new story from Hylas - and this one's a beaut, as his Australian characters would say.

I'm full of admiration for anyone who can write convincingly in an adopted culture. Joseph Conrad was a great novellist who managed that, and Hylas looks like shaping up to be another. This story takes place in small-town Australia, a community which is gay-friendly, apparently largely because a gay couple are the largest landowners in the area. The characters who populate the story are believable, quirky, lovable, and the story is involving and sympathetic. So far he's up to chapter twenty-five (all posted together) so I hope it won't be too long before we get the next instalment (another twenty-five chapters, perhaps??!)

Three cheers for Hylas, may his pencil never become blunt...!


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