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What will you lose?


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Found this on YouTube and it is doing the rounds on many sites.

In my opinion,

It's not just in the USA, but in particular our friends in the US should take heed, that by this time next year or sooner, if the congress falls to the anti-gay candidates, LGBT people may well find themselves subject to criminal charges again just for being gay and that means they will have lost everything.

Oh no, you say, Obama would never let that happen, or perhaps you think it would never pass the senate.

Think again, and then get everyone you know in the USA to vote for candidates that won't leave you with less than nothing.

If the US caves in to the irrational bigots, the movement for world wide acceptance of LGBT rights will no doubt falter in many other countries.

At this stage of the game it is fast becoming us or them, and it is damn time for the human race to give up the ignorant model of the dark ages.

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