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Unguarded by Jay Hogan

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This book is available from Amazon as either a paperback or on Kindle. Currently there is a special offer for it on Kindle, but I am not sure how much longer that will last. I will say it will be worth buying still when it is up at its full price.

This is the story of Tia and Emmett, and Tia's escape from a dependent and emotionally abusive relationship in Boston, which results in him ending up in Burlington, Vermont, with $300 and a tube of lip gloss in his pocket. Within hours of waking up in Burlington, Tia lands a temporary job with Emmett, the local vet, a widower with a ten year old son. From here the story is of course predictable as any gay romance of this type is. 

The thing is just when you think you know what is going to happen next, Jay Hogan does something slightly different to what you expect. It is these small twists in the plot which make what could have been a run of the mill gay romance into something that is well worth reading. It has strong and believable lead characters in Tia, Emmett and Emmett's son Leo. It also has strong secondary characters. 

The only reason I did not read this in one go was my tablet run out of power last night and I had to recharge it. I did finish it off this morning.

A good story, well told and highly recommended.

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