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A Brit's view of the Americans

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Nice article, and speaking from my own experience, right on the money when it comes to dealing one-on-one with the American citizenry.

I remember a trip I took way way way back into the back country of Utah, with some 4x4ers from Albuquerque, and the first night one of them pulled out a large handgun of some kind.

Being a rather urbanized Canadian, I had, and still have, no idea what it was, and of course I didn't know why he would have it with him, so I asked.

"To shoot any varmints that might bother us," drawled the New Mexican in reply.

"Uh, are there wolves and mountain lion around here?"

"No lad, I mean two-legged varmints."

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Yes, I recognized some of my countrymen.

The problem with trying to stereotype us is, there are too many of us, and so we cannot be categorized. No one descriptive fits. We come in all colors, all sizes, and have a plethora of tastes and convictions. Some of us love Obama, some hate him, and some could care less. That typifies our feelings for most things. There isn't much common ground.

Except most of us hate the Yankees.


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Of course most of the rest of the world thinks of ALL Americans as Yanks, Cole. You probably mean that baseball team, right?

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For sure, Cole, those losers in New York might be called Yankees, but yankees know that real baseball is played by the Red Sox.

... whose fans sing the Christmas Carol 'Deck the Halls with Boston Charlie' and sing earnestly 'Don we now our gay apparel'


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Of course most of the rest of the world thinks of ALL Americans as Yanks, Cole.

*chokes on mint julep*

Why I'm nevah been so insulted in mah life. :icon_rabbit:

YANKS!? Oh Lordy I'm gettin' the vapors.

Daddy would have been absolutely pixelated to hear such foolishness.


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