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Surviving Complexity, Afloat of Perplexity

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Surviving Complexity, Afloat of Perplexity

I kick the rhyme's perplexed

may pick me last

i'll pick you next

may have fallen down

but i'm not out yet

there's a million different paths I could have chose

should have pressed the brakes

but never could slow my roll

ended in the hospital

diagnosis was terminal

that was in november

and no I don't wish him ill at all

we were playing with fire

I do admire

everything and everyone

but when the lights had faded

and everyone had gone

I was left with a thing

that would grow unlike an analogue

no dialogue to explain

the things inside my brain

I felt it growing inside

before I got the gram stain

I didn't know its name

but the western blot came

so I called it bill

and made him my enemy

no matter what my friend did to me

won't do well to stew

dwell and I will be through

I stand alone

to face defeat

if I don't get up

on my feet

I was born fighting

and dammit i'll die fighting too

this ain't about glory

it's what I have to do

one day at time

one foot in front of the other

there is no line

this is not over

left, right

left, right

I will survive

through the dismal days

and darkest nights

left, right

left, right

I will never lose

the will to fight

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