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A Politician Who Makes Sense!!!

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I'm from Minnesota, and his speech brought tears to my eyes. I often wonder what has happen to the Hubert Humphrey state of Minnesota that would turn it's back on minorities.

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Once again, elections have consequences. In state houses across the country Repubilcan majorities were elected in 2010. Sure, they didn't really run on social issues, but so far they have pursued a strong social agenda including against gay rights. Still, it's reassuring to hear there are representatives like this one who speak up in these now Republican-controlled states.

Fortunately here in California we elected strong majorities of pro-gay democrats, and a complete slate of pro-gray democratic state officers from Governor to Insurance Commission to Superintendent of Education. Republicans in the legislature tried to pass a bill that would recognize protectmarriage.com as defenders of Proposition 8 and it died in comittee on a 3-2 vote, never making it to the floor. (This is important because right now the courts are waiting for the California Supreme Court to decide if protectmarriage.com has standing to even appeal the ruling by Judge Walker. Who we elect has consequences, be they good or bad.

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