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Love on the Rocks


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I'm breaking one of my rules -- to not recommend a story until it is completed but Love on the Rocks is very enjoyable with most of the plot lines worked out. The author says he is continuing to write, so I think it will be done.

My only quibble is the title, which is not up to the quality of the story, and not original enough for me.


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That is a nasty quibble, since the title is also the title of one of the lead characters' title song. The author has steadfastly responded to all my emails, which in itself is a nice (and reassuring) thing.

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The reason I quibble is that, in the forest that is Nifty, a striking title causes me to open the story to the first chapter. For example, Leaves and Lunatics or The Log Way are intriguing names of stories. In contrast, if a story were entitled John and Phil, it is unlikely that I would ever bother to open it in the chance that it is an insightful story into some memorable characters' lives. Furthermore, if John and Phil were 7k in size, my stroke-story meter would be going off, but my try-it meter would not.

Love on the Rocks is a good title for a song -- but, in my view, not so hot for a story.

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Interesting, VWL, since I found the story because of its title. The double meanings, of love being made on the rocks (presumably on the seashore) or the love affair running aground on the rocks, intrigued me no end. I guess it really is in the eye of the beholder.

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VWL is absolutely right, as always. Very different, unusual story -- and (because I know just enough about the music business to be dangerous), I'd say the music publishing details are very close to correct.

The Aussie section threw me a little bit, plus the change in romantic entanglement from the younger brother to the rock star surprised me, but I'm intrigued enough to sit with it. Reads very well so far.

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Camy's probably right about the sex scenes, though I haven't reviewed them.

Most sex-scene writing is pedestrian and eminently forgettable, which is why I usually skim over those portions and move on to the meat of the rest of the story, basing my judgment on that.

I consider a well-done sex scene as a rare bonus but not something I look for or expect.

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I was rather surprised to see others agree with my tastes. I read into chapter three, then saw another extended sex scene awaiting and turned the thing off. I like a good story and good writing and the sex is certainly secondary. In this story, the sex seems to dominate. Too bad. He seems a capable writer.

Can I say this without seeming prudish? I didn't think I could, and so waited in the weeds for Camy to speak up. Maybe I'll be braver next time.

Way to go, Camy!


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...and in conclussion, I read the whole thing - which I really wasn't expecting.

The story was very good. The interpersonal relationships were fun; especially those of the family, and of George, the elderly housekeeper, who reminded me very much of John Gielgud in 'Authur' - the 1981 comedy with Dudley Moore.

What destoyed it was the sheer amount of sex. It was almost as if the author thought it obligatory to have a 'scene' in every chapter. In my view one damnably fantastic, hot, and blindingly well written scene is enough. Leave the rest up to the reader's imagination.

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I can't disagree, and I've even told the author my thoughts on too many sex scenes. Amazingly, he still communicates with me, although the number of sex scenes haven't diminished.

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To me, I think you have to have some sex scenes here and there, but there's no fast rule of thumb that works for all stories or all situations. And there's nothing wrong with one character reaching for the other, they embrace, and then they tumble into the bed... and fade-out. Just like it was 1940.

Sometimes, tasteful and subtle works. Other times, I think you need every bit of taste, touch, and smell, along with all the sweaty details. But it doesn't have to be wall-to-wall sex. Romance and friendship are good, too.

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