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Berserk Series


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This is a Sci-fi/Horror/Action Story i am writing with some Romance mixed in with it ;)


Book One is simply called Berserk.

A blackout sweeps through a small town and people began disappearing. A group of kids are left without any supervision

and of course, reckless fun ensues.

However, some kids discover strange abilities that they are developing....Things that are not normal....That are not human.

Able to feel other's emotions...To move things with their mind....To Walk through walls

Something has happened and it has something to do with the blackout.

There are no rules...No supervision or leadership. Some people are going to want to take control...and others...they don't

want to be controlled.

An evil is lurking, waiting to destroy them all...that is if Human nature doesn't kill them first.

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This is the Prologue



Micah Dawson



Micah Dawson

Riley Edwards

Shane Dawson

Kyle Draves

Austin Regelbuto

Ty Bradley

Melanie Miller

Devon Risko

Anthony Deseio

Shannon Thomas

Richie Kyte

Joey Vitkovsky

Nick Haines

Tori Franklin


Riley Edwards groaned as he followed his elder scouts and scoutmasters back to the campsite. He knew he was going to be reprimanded for sneaking off away from his cub scout troop. He couldn't take anymore of it. He was tired of reciting oaths and working for merit badges that he knew in his heart he'd never get. Riley wasn't a team player kind of kid. He was only a Cub Scout because his parents forced him to get involved. It was either cub scouts or a military summer program....he chose the lesser of two evils, or so he thought anyway.

?Riley, why did you run?? Scout Master Parker asked him, leading the way to the campground. ?Were you not having a good time??

?You know what?? Riley asked. ?I am not even going to lie. To be honest, I would rather have my skinned peeled off my body than sit around a campfire listening to a lame ass ghost story that has been told over and over again. I am sick of sharing a tent with Arnold. He sounds like a bear growling when he snores. I'm sick of eating food cooked over a campfire. And quite frankly, no disrespect, but I hate you all and these freaking uniforms are rather....fruity looking.?

Riley sighed and smiled to himself, happy to have gotten all that out. He had been repressing that for the longest and now it was like a weight off his chest.

?Young man, we have done nothing but try to enrich you and better you to become a better young man but you choose to be disrespectful,? Scoutmaster Parker said, offended at Riley's words. ?I am going to call your parents and ask that they pick you up.?

Riley grabbed the Scoutmaster in a tight hug. ?That's all I ever wanted to do. Was just to be picked up so I can leave this hellhole. I knew you weren't just an uptight tight-ass. You are a cool uptight tight-ass.?

Scoutmaster Parker shrugged him off and stepped off to the side to make a phone call to have Riley picked up.

?You're in for it now,? One of the Boy Scouts said to Riley

Riley rolled his eyes, pulling out his cellphone and headphones to listen to some tunes. The scouts looked at him in shock.

?You aren't supposed to have electronic devices,? One of them said, shocked that Riley had broken yet another rule.

?Oh please,? Riley said with a scoff. ?I know for a fact that the other cub scouts in my troops have their Nintendo DS to play Pokemon and you guys have Cellphones talking to your girlfriends....Well, if you have any girlfriends.?

One boy took a step and raised his fist to hit Riley but stopped when he heard a scream from behind him.

Riley and The two scouts looked to where the scoutmaster had been standing but he wasn't there. His cellphone laid there but there was no sign of him anywhere.

?Scoutmaster?? The scouts called out before turning back to Riley, who stood confused. ?Stay right here, runt. Don't move.?

Riley rolled his eyes as he watched the boys walk ahead of him to search for their now missing Scoutmaster. He was about to stick his earphones into his ear when he saw it. It was dark out but he could see something in the moonlight...he felt it. Something was creeping towards the boys...towards him.

It was something dark, like a shadow but there wasn't anything there to make a shadow. But the shadowy figure was moving towards the unknowing boys.

Riley couldn't call out to them in time to alert them before he heard their screams...Whatever it was...Something had grabbed them and they too disappeared in the darkness.

Behind Riley, there was light but in front of him was nothing but pure darkness...and it was creeping closer to him as if it wanted to take him in the darkness just like it had did to the others.

Riley took off running for his life towards the light, pulling out his cellphone and dialing his home phone number, praying someone would answer.


?Mom, you have got to be kidding me,? I said annoyed as I sat at dinner with my family. ?Why do I have to be responsible for Riley??

?Micah, I really need for you to be a mature 15 year old and realize that sometimes your family needs you to do favors for them,? Mom said with a disapproving look.

I knew I was being a bit bratty but whining but I wanted to enjoy my Saturday morning in sleeping and not having to deal with helping my little brother out at his cub scout derby.

?I do not know why you guys insist on putting him into scouts,? I said, realizing I was fighting a losing battle and I was going to have to go volunteer my time. ?He hates it so bad.?

Mom shrugged. ?Riley is at the rebellious age and he really needs some kind of outlet for his frustrations. I know he hates it but he will think me in a few years. Besides, you don't want Riley to turn out like Shane do you??

I noticed the sad look on my mom's face as she said that. Shane was my twin brother who was angry at what seemed like the world but in truth, he was angry at my mother...and myself to a certain degree.

Our Parents had divorced when we were 6 when my mother revealed that she had an affair and that Riley was not my father's son. After 3 years of going back and forth between homes, Riley decided he wanted to stay with my dad in Old Harmony. He thought that I'd say the same thing but I was close with my mom and I decided to stay with her, my stepfather and Riley in New Harmony.

Ever since then, Riley made it known he wanted nothing to do with any of us and he especially hated Riley with an intense passion.

I walked over and hugged my mom. ?I'm sorry for giving you a hard time earlier,? I said resting my head against hers. ?I'll do it and I promise to takes lots and lots of pictures and videos for you and Paul.?

Mom smiled appreciatively and kissed me on the forehead. She didn't need another son to give her a hard time and it was the least I could do. My mom and My stepfather were really great to me and they were like my best friends more so than parents and I never went without. In fact, growing up here in New harmony, I was accustomed to living a life of luxury.

?Go get some sleep, kid,? Mom said to me. ?I want you to make sure you do all you can for your brother to win.?

?Of course,? I said before giving her another hug and taking 2 steps at a time as I walked up above to my bedroom.

I walked into my dark bedroom and turned the light on to see Kyle Draves sitting there on my bed, startling me.

?Kyle?? I asked, clutching my chest. ?God...You really need to start using the front door. My mother won't suspect anything is going on with us....?

I noticed a look of anger on his face and in his hand he was clutching my journal in his hand.

?What are you doing with my journal?? I asked him as I stuck my hand out to take it from him.

?How stupid can you be Micah?? He asked yelling loudly. ?God, you are an idiot sometimes. I can't believe you. I knew getting together with you was a mistake.?

I looked at him confused. Kyle and I had been...involved together for the past few months but I was not sure exactly what to call him. We kissed and hung out quite a bit but Kyle was not really into labeling him. He was afraid to be seen in public with me, to arouse suspicions so we often hung out in my room or went 30 minutes away for dates.

?Kyle...What are you talking about?? I asked, hurt that he seemed to be so upset.

Kyle threw my journal at me and stood in front of me. He had a look of anger on his face and was intimidating. Kyle was a muscular guy who was 2 inches shorter than me but he was definitely a lot bigger than me and I had seen what he did to people when he was angry.

?Ask me where I got it from,? Kyle said, his face inches away from mine.

If he wasn't so angry, I'd be tempted to kiss him. But there was so much anger and hate in his eyes that he was scaring me.

?I know where you got it,? I said with a nervous chuckle. ?From my room? Right??

Kyle shook his head slowly. ?I got it from Shannon...My now ex-girlfriend...Your best friend.?

I looked at him still confused and covered my mouth. ?Oh, my god,? I said looking at him in horror.

I heard the phone ringing in the hall but ignored it figuring my mother would answer it.

?Kyle...? I said unsure of what to say.

I had been writing in my journal yesterday in the park and I had to meet Shannon for a study session for English and somehow I must have left it at her house by mistake.

?She knows Micah,? Kyle said, looking like he was on the verge of crying. ?She knows everything.?

I tried to reach out to touch him but he pulled away from me. The phone was still ringing in the hallway, which was annoying me now.

I walked to my door and opened it and yelled down to my mom. ?Mom, you going to get that??

No answer and I could not hear any movement from downstairs. I turned back to face Kyle who stood there in the middle of my room.

?Kyle, maybe it is not so bad,? I said to him softly. ?I mean you were saying you were tired of all the sneaking around and wanted us to be a real couple and wanted to come out.?

?In my own time, Micah,? Kyle shouted at me. ?In my own time. Not because my boyfriend leaves his journal at my ex-girlfriend's house.?

I wanted to smile that he actually called me his boyfriend but it sucked the first time in 4 months he referred to me as his boyfriend...he was angry with me.

The phone kept ringing and it was really annoying me. I had no idea why my mother was not answering the phone.

?Hold on,? I said to him as I walked out into the hallway. ?Let me answer this and we can talk it out and figure out a game plan.?

I rushed quickly out into the hallway and saw that it was Riley calling and I rolled my eyes at the interruption. I hit the talk button and before I had a chance to say anything I could hear Riley's panting as he was running.

?Riley?? I asked confused. ?Something wrong??

?Micah?? He asked, voice full of panic. ?Something happened to my scoutmaster and the older scouts. They just disappeared.?

?What?? I asked confused. ?What are you talking about??

?I don't know...Something happened to them...They just disappeared in the dark,? He said, trying to run as fast as he could.

He could feel like there was something coming after him in the darkness and he needed to get away and find help.

?Riley, I am sure they are there,? I said aggravated that I had even picked up the phone. ?Stop being so dramatic.?

?MICAH! WILL YOU STOP BEING A JERK AND LISTEN TO ME!? Riley yelled loudly in the phone, startling me a bit. ?I feel like there is something following me. It just feels...cold.?

I sighed and looked back in my room and noticed Kyle was not in there. He had obviously left. Cursing my brother silently to myself, I walked towards the stairs and noticed it was pitch black dark downstairs.

?Mom?? I called out, from the top of the staircase.

A light above me begin to flicker.

?Mom?? I called out again, unsure of why she wasn't answering me. It was 11 at night and she had a business meeting so I could not imagine her just leaving and not mentioning it.

?Micah, there is something out here with me,? Riley said to me, stopping to catch his breath. ?It doesn't feel...it doesn't feel good.?

I didn't want to admit it but I was getting scared myself and it was almost like I could feel the same thing here in the house with me.

Riley heard a bush behind him rustle and he turned to see what caused the commotion. He heard a low growl but couldn't see anything in the darkness.

?Riley?? I said through the phone. ?You still there??

Riley extended his hand out in front of him, his cellphone light dimly illuminating in front of him and he saw a flash of a shadow before something hit him hard, knocking him to the ground and the wind out of him.

?Riley?? I called out, voice getting full of panic. ?What's going on??

Riley blindly felt for the phone in the darkness and took of running the same direction he had been going.

?Micah, I am so scared,? He said, the fear evident in his voice. ?Something hard just hit me. Please get mom and come get...?

Riley didn't have a chance to finish because he ran out into the street and was blinded by headlights of a car.

I heard what sounded like a loud thud and screeching of tires.

?Riley!? I yelled out. ?RILEY! Answer me!?

The phone instantly became full of nothing but static and it was within the second that every light that was on just completely shut off leaving me in darkness.

I flicked the light switches but nothing would come on at all. It was as if the power was out. I rushed down the stairs quickly but missed a step and fell to the ground hard, hurting my knee.

?MOM!? I yelled out, wincing as I limped through the house. ?Mom, where are you? Riley is in trouble.?

I walked into the kitchen to see the food she was cooking was still on the stove. I noticed that her car keys were still on the latch by the door.

Something was going on...Something awful. I could feel it in in my heart, something awful had just happened.

I had to find my brother. He was alone out there. Nobody to protect him.


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This is an interesting (though rough) first draft of the prologue to your horror story. It needs a thorough editing pass. But I assume that's what you posted, a first draft to get feedback. On that basis I checked "Yes" to the poll. It is interesting, and I want to read more.

One of the problems I found that needs to be reconsidered is the age range for Cub Scouts is too young for things like having girl friends.

"Cub Scouting is for boys in the first through fifth grades, or 7 to 10 years of age. Boys who are older than 10, or who have completed the fifth grade, can no longer join Cub Scouting, but they may be eligible to join the Boy Scouting or Venturing program." From "FAQ: Joining Cub Scouting"

However, in general if a boy in the fifth grade has been a member of the Cub Scouts (Webelos) and turns 11 then he is usually allowed to remain in Cub Scouts until he finishes fifth grade.

That would make Riley no older than 11, and most of the Cub Scouts in this pack would be younger.

Colin :icon_puke_r:

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A note on scouting: sometimes cub and boy scouts are mixed in areas that are too small to support both.

In my own scout troop, we had kids as young as 9.

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Hey, Glad to see you guys read it :)

Riley himself is a cub scout. He is 10 years old. However, the older scouts he was with are

Boy scouts

that's why he was teasing them about the phones and calling their girlfriends when they gave

him a hard time about the gameboy :)

I should have tried to make it clearer but I hope that makes it more clear :)

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Hey, Glad to see you guys read it :)

Riley himself is a cub scout. He is 10 years old. However, the older scouts he was with are

Boy scouts

that's why he was teasing them about the phones and calling their girlfriends when they gave

him a hard time about the gameboy :)

I should have tried to make it clearer but I hope that makes it more clear :)

It does. Thanks for the clarification.

Colin :icon_puke_r:

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