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HMS Bridgemount Series


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As great Writers go, few of this caliber exist anywhere online or anywhere else for that matter. This seafaring saga follows the career of one man in the 1700's British Navy. Skillfully interwoven with history, he brings you on deck with just the right amount of detail and passion. You are inside his skin as he lives this extraordinary life. Or at least wish you were. The tale is well told and spans several book already. He will end it with the current title, St. Vincent. When he does, I'll just have to start again. It's that good. And it is destined to be a classic.

If you have ever read the stories of Horacio Hornblower, just add fantastic gay sex and you're there. This is an absolute must read.

Listed in order:

Beginning with "The Gun Room"

The Wardroom

Master And Commander

HMS Belvidera

St. Vincent

Equally compelling is his other series known as CAP (Chronicles of an Academic Predator.) Another skillfully written saga of a Rich families life and secrets. Currently, spanning eleven volumes and it will draw you in to the point that you shut off your phone and close your blinds refusing to answer your door.

Full of lust and greed and generosity, control and manipulation, just cancel all your appointments now. This writer is beyond incredible.

I will only list the first book here. I assure you, you'll find the rest when you get into it.

Chronicles of an Academic Predator

Having said all that, The HMS series remains my favorite of the two.

After all, who doesn't love seaman? :blink:

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