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Richard Perry part of fringe fundamentalist power grab?

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Ok, take a look at this video. Rachel Maddow On Rick Perry's Fundamentalist Religious Power Grab

Ok, I don't even know where to start with this one. As many of you know, I'm not an American, so looking south from my Canadian perch and watching this kind of back and forth on one hand makes me laugh hysterically and on the other hand makes me want to break out in a cold sweat and vomit.

I don't even know how much of this to believe. I mean, these people seem to honestly believe that a gay pride parade caused Katrina. That Don't Ask Don't Tell caused birds to literally fall dead from the sky. That your Statue of Liberty is some kind of demonic idol. That the Japanese stock market crashed because of some weird emperor sex goddess thing.

Is this for real? I mean, c'mon?! Really?!

For the love of all human kind, please tell me I've got something wrong here.

(EDIT: Sorry about the Richard Perry thing in the topic title, it's supposed to be Rick Perry.)

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I watched the Rachel Maddow show live last night (8/10/2011). These people were all presenters at the event. It is frightening, and not just for LGBT people.

Colin :cat:

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Rick Perry needs this cadre of lunatics around him, they make the rest of the Tea Party look sane....but they're not.

Perhaps there is still some room left for debate but I think Perry has become the ringmaster of this little circus and that it will kill his political ambitions. As if anyone in their right minds wants another Texas cowboy in the White House. I imagine the rest of the GOP is huddled in darkness hoping not to encounter any of these clowns. Heck, we all know religious conventions cause the stock market to crash. :cat:

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...Heck, we all know religious conventions cause the stock market to crash. :hehe:

I LOVE that line! I'm going to use it the next time I meet someone who favors Rick Perry.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I was sooooooooooooooooo happy when I watched the Rick Perry announcement of his candidacy. YES! Finally! It was just like watching George W. Bush, only Perry has prettier hair, and he can actually pronounce big words correctly. Still, the entire time I sat there, smiling, thinking how much he reminded me of George W. Bush. It was like a blast from the past.

Finally, Obama stands a chance if every time Rick Perry opens his mouth people think he reminds them of George W. Bush.

Oh, and yes Rick Perry is a religious fundamentalist that should make every gay person in the world afraid. I've written a lot of stories where Rick Perry is the exact model of the evil villain I've used...and he believes so many of the same things those villains did. I couldn't write a perfect character.

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"He's George W. Bush without the intelligence and without the ethics." - Jim Hightower.

Be very careful here.

This implies that George W Bush had intelligence and ethics.

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