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Forever To Bleed

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After the suicide of his best friend, Christian Lawson moves to Logan with his father and younger brother to start over. He immediately catches the eyes of two Vampire rivals, Benjamin Ficara and Anthony Deiso. Not only is Christian handsome, Christian is identical to a past lover that both Ben and Anthony witnessed burned at the stake 161 years ago. Why does Christian look like their past lover? Now christian finds himself caught in a love triangle and a battle for his heart....and life. As Christian grows closer, secrets begin to unravel slowly and in the end no one is safe.

This is Book One Of The Forever To Bleed Series

Planned Books for the Series:

Book One(Thirst)

Book Two(Cannibal)

Book Three(Judas)

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Christian Lawson

Benjamin Ficara

Anthony Deieso

Garrett Lowry

Dylan Gionvego

Nicole Smith

Cody Watson

Jenny Sheppard

Alex Stewart


Benjamin Ficara watched in horror as the ropes were tied around Caleb Lowry. They were going to kill him...burn him alive.

“No,” Benjamin said to himself as he watched the crowd around him cheer loudly in anticipation for the spectacle.

He had to do something. He could not stand by idle while the boy he had loved in life...and still loved in his current undead state was to be burned. He just had to save Caleb, who was too weak to save himself.

Benjamin could feel himself transforming....He could feel the cannibalistic urge of his vampire nature slowly coming to surface. He didn't care if he had to fight off one or fight off one hundred of the people in the village.

He was going to save Caleb.

Benjamin took a step forward, intent on sacrificing his life for Caleb if need be, but he felt a tight grip on his arm, stopping him.

Benjamin turned to face the annoyed look of Anthony Deieso staring at him intently.

“Let go of me,” Benjamin muttered.

Anthony held on the vice-grip on Benjamin's wrist. “You need to get yourself under control....You will not make it up there to get Caleb. There are 200 people at least...Regardless of our vampire powers, we do not stand a chance.”

“We have to save him,” Benjamin said, pissed that Anthony was basically encouraging him not to fight for his love. “It's Caleb.”

Benjamin hoped to reason with Anthony that they had to rescue Caleb. After all, Benjamin was in love with Caleb...and so was Anthony. Caleb was the very reason the two best friends were now enemies. They loved the same boy.

“I know that,” Anthony said to him. “But Caleb forbade us to do anything that would expose ourselves.”

“You don't care,” Benjamin said, finally pulling away from Anthony. “You don't care if he dies...if he suffers a painful death because you never loved him.”

Anthony could feel the anger welling up inside him but he couldn't let it get out of control. He took a deep breath.

“I love Caleb...with my everything,” Anthony said in a low voice. “Don't ever tell me that I never loved him because it is killing me watching him up there. But I am not stupid...I know even if I make it up there to save him, I will be dead and attempts to save him would be wasted. Caleb said he had a plan.”

Benjamin was about to ask what but he noticed the reverend who was walking towards where Caleb and the other vampires were located.

“Today is a great step for Logan,” The reverend began. “We have caught these monstrous animals who do nothing but pretend to be human...and kill are residents when they least expect it...”

Caleb looked Anthony in the eye, who now looked like he was second guessing his decision to wait for Caleb's plan to come into fruition.

“Don't,” Caleb mouthed to him.

Benjamin looked at Caleb and he smiled softly. He didn't care that Anthony loved him. Caleb had saved his life...and they were going to spend the rest of eternity together. He'd find a way to get rid of Anthony at some point and time.

It all depended on whatever plan that Caleb had.

The Reverend noticed Caleb's smile and looked at him in amusement. “Creature, do you not realize you are about to die? What amuses you so?”

Caleb angelic face transformed into the face of a vampire, but he still held the smile. He startled to crowds of people who took a step back.

“I am well aware that I am about to die,” Caleb said calmly. “But I want you to mark my words...that I will be back. I Promise you that.”

The other vampires who were tied up on stands with bales of hey around them, all transformed, growling struggling to get free.

The reverend was confused by Caleb's speech, it was apparent. Even Benjamin and Anthony were both confused.

“Go ahead....I'm waiting,” Caleb said, flashing his fangs in a wicked smile.

The reverend grabbed a wooden stake from a young boy and impaled it into Caleb's stomach, not to kill him but to cause him pain.

Benjamin and Anthony both looked on in stunned silence at the sight they witnessed....Caleb's smile not faltering in the least.

“You will not scare this town any longer,” The reverend whispered to him. “You will die today.”

“Counting on it,” Caleb whispered, and out of the corner of his eye he noticed on his far right, that flames had enveloped one of the vampire prisoners.

Benjamin turned to Anthony. “What the hell? What is the plan?”

Anthony was confused as well. What was Caleb going to do? How was he going to escape? He was severely weakened as he had not fed in days.

Caleb could smell the flesh of the vampires around him burning, hearing their screams ringing loudly in his ears.

He looked out into the crowds of people and smiled at Benjamin and Anthony. The two boys he had been responsible for turning.

Two boys who loved him with all their undead being.....

“I love you,” Caleb mouthed.

He could feel the heat of the flames as they inched closer to him, he was the last vampire alive and then....he felt the flames...burning...melting his skin.

“Oh my god,” Benjamin said in horror as he and Anthony watched the boy the loved burn alive, right before their very eyes.

Caleb Lowry never once stop smiling....



161 years later

Benjamin Ficara shot up in his bed, covered in a drenching sweat at the nightmare he just had.

He had long since repressed the memory of what happened to Caleb...and even the memory of Caleb in his mind. He had not thought about that in almost 16 years.

“So why now?” He asked himself.

He looked over at his clock to see that it was 4: 15 in the morning. No point in laying back down...In about 3 hours he was going to do what he had spent the past 161 years doing.

Pretending to be 16 years old...and today was the first day of school.

"Yay for me," Benjamin said, voice void of all emotion, as he climbed out of bed.


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