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Censoring life as we know it....

Chris James

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It was only a matter of time before the whackos at the American Family Association would go after the freedom of choice given to Americans by that bastion of flavorful fashion...Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. What?


We are a nation at war and this Million Moms organization is worried about ice cream flavors not the American sons and daughters in uniform facing the real enemy of democracy. No, these dememted ladies are attacking an ice cream company with the same zeal that their parent organization the AFA goes after gay rights advocates.

I find this laughable since all it will do is boost sales for Ben & Jerry's. If these Moms want to attack something as obscene they should take Michelle Bachmann to task for posing with a corn dog in her mouth much like a scene I once saw in a John Holmes porno film. (Uh, not that I watched those things, I was just passing through the room, he he).

Corn dogs are obscene, especially with Bachmann in the picture. Next it will be cucumbers or eggplant. Dr. Freud would have a field day with that. The AFA has finally come up with something more usless than their rants about gay lifestyle. They have given us a Million Moms without an intelligent thought in their heads. Hands off my ice cream, ladies! :hug:

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