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A Guide to Internet Dating

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Internet Dating


So Long, It was Nice Knowing You

1. Don't get in a stranger's non-nondescript white van- especially when chain saws are prominently displayed.


2. Don't ever meet your date under a bridge.


3. Try to meet your dates at a place where there are plenty of people... preferably during business hours.


4. Limit the amount of personal information you give until you know who you are dating.


5. People on the Internut lie about everything. That trim fit 14 year old that you are planning on meeting...


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6. Never, ever date Zombies even if they are charming, cool and nice conversationalists. They only want to eat your brains.


7. Consider going back to meeting people face-to-face. Sure- they may lie, but at least Chris Hanson will in no way be involved.


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