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Memories by Nigel Gordon

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These are a series of short stories, set mostly in London (though a couple are set in the English Black Country) about gay life in England during the period 1965 to 1975.  They are not a formal series of stories that follow any structure. Each story is intended to be stand alone, though some characters turn up in more than one story. The period they cover is basically that of the change an underground campaigning movement CHE, to an openly proud gay society demonstrated by PRIDE.

How many of these stories there will be and how frequent they will turn up, I do not know. To give an explanation, my friend Simon comes to visit me most Thursdays evenings, we spend the evening watching old films or obscure foreign language TV series. Often, in the discussion about what we have been watching, something will come up about the 'old days' and I will talk about the gay scene as it was before the law changed and in the years immediately after (when, if anything, the persecution was even more intense). Simon has been telling me that I should write these reminiscences down. So, I have now started to record our conversations, when we start to discuss the old days, and am writing them up.

At the time of writing this I have seven recordings. Three have already been written up and passed onto Mike, two are in the process of being produced.

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Nigel's Memories will begin posting fortnightly beginning with the Inrdoduction and Memories One in the AwesomeDude Short Stories List on  August 3rd.  

They are fascinating.


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