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Sad News: Science Fiction author Anne McCaffrey dies

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When I was younger I loved the Dragonriders of Pern series. I remember being amazed at the details of the world she so adeptly created. Though later books in the series didn't have quite the same "oomph" as the first few, it was always a fun read.

Anne McCaffrey died yesterday of a stroke. She was 85. A real loss for the world. And not just science fiction.

Link: http://www.airlockalpha.com/node/8787/dragonriders-of-pern-author-anne-mccaffrey-dies.html

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I just saw the news at a couple of forums and a favorite SF author's blog. Anne McCaffrey will be really missed. In addition to her Dragonriders of Pern books, she wrote several other series, and co-wrote with other authors. Quite a lady.

Science fiction and fantasy novels were favorites of mine, growing up. Still are. :)

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She was indeed quite a lady. A thumb-nail glimpse of her career, freely excerpted from her Wiki article, tells us that she wrote nearly 100 published books. Once established, she was known for her willingness to collaborate with many other writers in view of supporting and developing their careers, including Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Margaret Ball, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Moon, Jody Lynne Nye, and S.M. Stirling. Her latest collaboration was with her son Todd, continuing the Pern saga for which she is probably most famous. In 1968 she became the first woman to win a Hugo Award, and in 1969 became the first woman to win a Nebula Award. She was also the first woman with a science fiction title on The New York Times Best Seller list (1978, The White Dragon).

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