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Speaking of the devil...

Chris James

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Mugabe...every time I hear that name I see a man standing in the fires of hell cheering for the devil. They must be related because he has certainly made Zimbabwe a living hell.


Being gay in Africa can be a death sentence. The laws in Zimbabwe and other incredibly ignorant African countries deserve no support and the British government seems to get that. I am ashamed of the US for failing to take similar steps, but then American big business and oil would not stand for such a thing.

I respect what the British Prime Minister is doing. Why should anyone give aid to such a destructive and self serving government owned by Mugabe? This is a man who has taken a fairly prosperous country and run it straight into poverty.

There are entirely too many documented instances of human rights violations by Mugabe's government for any sane country to offer him a dime. I feel sorry for his citizens, but most of the smart ones have already fled the country. Mugabe just recently lost his best buddy on the continent when Libya revolted.

Good going, Mr. Cameron, don't send them a single Euro. And don't worry about that "satanic" crack. Mugabe must have been looking in the mirror.

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