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Hahahaaha! Thanks, so needed that! Laughing so hard my eyes are watering.

I wish I could remember the *very* risqué note I almost sent a few months back, but luckily, thought to proof. Let's just say I turned auto-correct way *off* on my iPhone. (And later, iPad2.) It, uh, probably would not have gone over well, given who I was sending it to. -- But struck me as hilarious. -- It was one of those, "innocent words get turned into major NSFW sexual reference" type things.

Of course, I suppose it would be one way to find out who really loves you. :evilgrin: Or accepts you. :yay:

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Gee, if it's not turned on yet, your doin' it wrong.

^ That was not a criticism of Mr. Whillickers, who is no doubt multi-talented.

I had one of those auto-erection problems in sixth grade swim class.

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