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Duet With Myself


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I like this a lot. Charlie is quintessentially English. It's also a very good song and a clever video - though I have no idea how I found it. Charlie's YouTube channel is charlieissocoollike. If you listen at the end he's got Stephen Fry to give him an audio bite.
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I found this guy on youtube a couple of years ago and posted the link on CW. His name is Tom Milsom and I followed his career for about a year when he left England to come to the States and apparently he's back in England now.

This is the link to my favorite song of his. Believe it or not, he accompanies himself on a gamboy. lmao


He, Charlie and two of their other friends formed a band called Sons of Admirals and made a fantastic music vid Called "Here Comes My Baby"...I beleive it's on either Tom's or Charlies you tube channel.


here's the link to the music video


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Waves hi to Tim.

I've been subscribed to Charlie / charlieissocoollike for a while now, thanks to a nod from Azyclar.

Charlie is geeky and funny and talented. He has some fantastic skits and songs. It's hard not to like a guy like him. There's a song featuring a kazoo and a skit with a science fiction experiment. His very English personality and sense of humor is part of the enjoyment.

He also is a member of Chameleon Circuit, a band that's done Doctor Who fan filk songs. His friend Alex Day and he and others have a fun zombie superhero video for Alex's original song, Forever Yours, up right now.

It's plain he loves hanging out with his mates, a good friend.

I know all that, just from his YouTube channel and a look now and then at his friends' YouTube accounts, and his own website.

He is gay-friendly, quite even-tempered about it, and no, I don't recall if he's gay, straight, or a Moebius Strip. ;) Though he has a couple of videos that joke around or that explain his viewpoint, because some people assume or have asked, apparently.

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