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Sometimes parents make all the difference...

Chris James

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I am almost sure I've seen an interview clip of these two siblings recently, before transition. It may have been in the anti-bullying special that, if I recall correctly, ABC also ran. The then boy had a marked preference for traditionally "girly" things, while the other boy twin preferred traditionally "boyish" things. That didn't seem forced, either. It just was.

You notice in the picture, the boy twin is even going for a slight mustache, while the girl is going for a quietly girly look.

I know what it feels like to grow up discovering you like boys instead of girls. There's a lot of soul searching there and a lot of wishing for someone who feels the same.

So I can only imagine how it must be to grow up feeling you're stuck in the wrong body and supposed to be the other gender, when manifestly, you're physically different.

Wait a second, there. I'm "physically different" too, with my eyesight. It's not exactly immediately obvious, but hmm...yeah, I can sure remember growing up wishing I was like "everybody else" a lot of the time.

Anyway, I know some people have a problem with it, but I figure if I'm gay, I don't have any business dissing someone transgender. If cross-dressing or transitioning makes them feel truly happy, then who am I to judge?

Way to go to the parents and brother, for accepting and loving their child and sibling.

For all those people who want to get truly upset over it, I'd ask them, which is better, to get upset because a living, breathing human being acts differently than you expect; or to get upset about war, disease, poverty, joblessness, hunger, and so on, in which people are actively hurt and killed? Or more simply, which do you choose, love or hate, for your fellow humans? Seems to me the answer's pretty clear.

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