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Hearing the Poet


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Hearing the Poet


A poem is a sorcery of sound

reduced to type,

as old clothing

fluttering on the drying line.

I first read Yeats

when I was ten,

the cabin made and

linnet's wings.

I heard his voice

when I was seventeen,

the meter by force,

chanting the Lake Isle.

Now, I wish

every poet's voice,

chanting his song

as he chanted in room or mind

when he conjured its life,

rippled the air between us.

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I look forward to reading the poems you're posting on AD, Bi_Janus. This one blew me away. Hearing the Poet is an homage to poets and poetry. This is a poem I'll return to and read in the future so the beautiful imagery of your words can seep slowly into my mind, allowing me to recall and appreciate once again what you've written.

Colin :icon_geek:

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