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What's New in Codey's World 12/17

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This week - December 17th

We'll be taking a break from posting updates over the next two weeks for Christmas and New Years. Have a happy holidays from us!

Black Sheep ~ Chapter 15 of Part 2 of a Novel by Kia. Vic has a dark past and an uncertain future, but right now he is falling in love. Jack adores him and everything seems to be online for a dream romance... until the past starts to catch up with Vic and his love is tested to the limits. Can Jack get past his own fear and Vic's pain and bring his Black Sheep back into the fold?

Mature or distressing themes. This story deals with violence and self-harm.

Featured: Table Blessing ~ Artwork for the Holiday Season by Blue from the Codey's World archive. Something special for those who can't be with others during the holidays. Note that this file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Last week

Featured: Letter to Santa ~ A Poem by Camy from the Codey's World archive. A very different letter to Santa asking for a very different gift.

Codey's World 2011 Holiday Collection:

Christmas and the Dollar Store ~ A Short Story by Grant Bentley. Always be nice to your Mom when you're forced to go Christmas shopping. You never know when it might pay off.

A Brass Monkey ~ A Short Story by Colin Kelly. Some teachers can be tough. Some can be awful. Some can be absolutely the worst. Even the day before the Christmas and New Year's break. Well, let's see if Mike will be able to cope with one of those "absolutely the worst" teachers.

Want to Write?

Do you have a story or poem to share? If you have never written before or if you are experienced, we'd like to see what you have to offer. See our submissions guidelines.


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