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Amazing kids!!!


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Those of you who don't vist Codey's World (and shame on you! LOL), won't know that I'm a big bluegrass fan. I discovered these kids on youtube last Spring and have been following them since. They've been on Letterman, GMA and Huckabee on TV and this September appeared on The Grand Ol Oprey. Their current ages are nine, twelve and fourteen.

They have their first CD called "America's Music" out now. This latest upload to youtube is available on amazon and iphone and all proceeds go to a charity to feed children...so their hearts are in the right place. Watch this Christmas Song and be amazed!


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In the sixties, when my friends and I were listening to Hendrix and Clapton, I was also listening to Alice Gerrard and Hazel Dickens. These kids seem like worthy heirs. Thanks for pointing me to their work.

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Now you've got me trying to remember two groups who guested on the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, which is one of my favorite podcasts and vodcasts.

One group is a trio of an older boy, a middle girl, and a younger boy. Two of the kids are related, but I can't recall the group.

The other is a solo act, a boy who's still not yet a teen, but plays *very* well, very talented.

Uh, I'll have to go back and look for their names, but they're well worth checking out. The trio have at least something on iTunes and Amazon, and the solo boy has a CD or two through CD Baby.

Checking out the YouTube clips, and I'll get the charity donation track at least. :)

What? I'm from Texas and there are farmers on both sides of my family, only two generations back. Whaddaya expect? Of course I like country and western and bluegrass and folk. ...And some alternative, punk, and post-modern rock too.

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