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Fantasy/magic oriented editor wanted.

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I need an editor. Here's the job description:

Length: 10000 words.

Story type, mythological/alternate history

Deadline. Dec 27th.

(I only just found out about this deadline and my other source for fantasy/magic critiques seems to have fallen through)

So, I'm shopping for anyone with the guts for this job. Usually I get Cole to critique, but he's said he isn't that comfortable with magic/fantasy stuff. (Of course if Cole is willing to take this one anyway, he's welcome.)


Reply here or message me if you're interested.



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Steven, if the deadline weren't so soon, I'd tackle that, but I'm swamped and only about halfway productive right now. I like science fiction and some fantasy. Editing's editing, but yes, SF&F do better with a good understanding of the genres. That's (ack!) less than a week. Sorry. -- Though after the new year, I will likely begin again, slowly. Job hunting and a need to get personal business done will cramp things by I don't know how much, but I'll start writing and editing again. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've been meaning to ask, what happened?

You know, the problem with being an editor on a fantasy story is, you have to be very careful as a...spell checker.

Yes, I'll just sit over here in the dungeon.

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Mr. Whilickers did a bang up job and the submission was made on time.

Sadly, the publisher went bankrupt a few weeks later, taking the planned alternate history anthology with it. I don't even know if they got around to reading my submission. (This kind of thing happens a lot with small press fantasy. In fact, my Hesperus story publisher got bought out and the anthology that the story was due to be part of was canceled until the editor got another publisher to step in.)

I still have the story. At 10000 words, it's too long for most commercial publishing. I may post it to Awesomedude, but I was looking at it recently and I'm still unhappy with the opening, so I've put it on my workbench for later.

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